Coconut Oil for Acne Skin – Clear Your Skin Naturally

Acne is an unpleasant and extensive problem. It is most common among youngsters; it may impact adults of all age groups. Although the signs mostly vanish or reduce after puberty has passed and the hormones become more normalized. But pimples can still be a very agonizing and unpleasant situation while it continues, and can leave permanent marks on the face and body. Some lucky people are able to get rid of acne without having to spend a lot of time, energy or money in his treatment, while other unfortunate spend a fortune for the treatment and still not get the desired results. In this condition, coconut oil is one of the most natural remedies for acne.

There are many good reasons using coconut oil for acne. Coconut oil contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This keeps the skin healthy and ensures the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands and unclogs the skin pores.

Coconut oil for face acne

To find acne you need two things: inflammation and blocked pores. Coconut oil can help to prevent inflammation, and Coconut oil for acnetherefore it may also prevent acne. It is also rich in E vitamin that is a well known skin nutrient. E vitamin can help soothe inflammation and repair skin damage.

It is the resource of two of the most effective antimicrobial agents in food. These two powers have antimicrobial Acid Capric and lauric acid. This helps to replace the protective acid layer on the skin that is removed with the constant washing and cleaning by frustrated teenagers. Basically, without the microbe infections, acne cannot develop.

How to use coconut oil for acne

Coconut oil is the perfect natural remedy for acne if you use the right amount. It is important to clean your face thoroughly prior to applying it. The right way to use coconut oil to your acne face is by massaging a small amount between your fingers to liquefy it and then gently apply to your affected area. If you have dry skin, it is better to leave the oil on your face to absorb naturally. However if you have oily skin don’t leave it for too long on your face, you should wash your face after an hour.

You should use virgin coconut oil for acne. Do not go for the raw, unprocessed variety; because it can be unhygienic and may contain dust particles that will be further clog the pores.

Using coconut oil for acne regularly helps in getting clear skin. But It is not ending all treatment for acne. To cure pimples, one has to take a holistic approach that takes to account your diet, lifestyle and emotional health. Coconut oil may help to keep your acne under control while you correct the underlying problems.

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