How to Get Rid of Pimples on Nose the Right Way

Pimple on nose is simply annoying and painful. The ugly spots of pimples, and blackheads that grow in the areas of the nose give rise to a number of emotional and stressful problems. Here, you will find effective tips in detail about how to get rid of pimples on nose.

Causes of pimple in nose

While hormone changes are the major culprits, some other reasons like environmental pollution and allergies to any of your skin care products can also contribute to the problem.

Best way to remove pimple on nose


The regular application of a peeling frees the nose from dead skin cells, Pimples on noseremoves dirt and cleans the skin parented. However, care should be taken that no aggressive peels are applied. In addition, the skin should not be injured during peeling. Simply massage with circular movements gently and wash off with plenty of water. Nasal strips, when used periodically, can also counteract blackheads and pimple inside nose. Since they are already tailored to the nasal part, the application is very simple. Simply moisten the affected area, tape stripe, Let it sit for a few minutes and peel off. And do not worry, stripes do not hurt.


For the regular peelings or nasal stripes, it is important to cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening. A gentle but thorough cleansing gel with charcoal works against impure skin. Moisture after cleansing is essential to provide resistance to the skin; otherwise skin produces more sebum, which in turn leads to blackheads and pimple inside nose.

Tea Tree Oil

Apply one drop of tea tree oil on your acne and wash off after ten minutes. Creams that contain tea tree oil are also available in the market.

Oil-free Face Products

Be careful while selecting skin care products for your face. Use oil free cosmetics and prefer non-comedogenic moisturizers. This will help both in treating existing pimples and in preventing future breakouts.

Pimples on nose will no longer be a problem if you are regular and consistent with your beauty routines.

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